julian alexander gilliam


“Aspire to inspire” is the approach Julian brings to work, to community and to life. It’s a message he exemplifies by collaborating on programming with Chicago’s urban youth organizations, leading creative workshops and speaking to students about how he uses his he[art] to inspire and share good in the world. Many know Julian through his broader creative reputation and the moniker he goes by, LOGIK, for his live painting performances and other art and design pursuits. 

Within the agency, Julian continuously lends his voice and ideas to help shape Leo Burnett as a culturally fluent, future-forward place to work and create work. He serves as a member of the employee resource group, SHADES, which is dedicated to helping black employees feel more valued in the agency by supportin them in growth, culture and identity, and exposure, and of the Men of Color Alliance. He’s also been instrumental within Create Greater Than, an initiative designed to guide and advance Leo Burnett as a place of empathy, citizenship, inclusion and accountability.